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December Birthstone

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Looking for a gift for December borns is tricky with Christmas on the way, but we’re making it easy to celebrate winter birthdays with our vibrant December Birthstone Jewellery collection! The birthstone of December is the mesmerising Turquoise, a gemstone as captivating as a clear winter sky. Known as the 'Heavenly Stone', Turquoise carries energies of protection, tranquillity, and wisdom, offering a sense of calm amid the winter chill.

Our handcrafted Turquoise jewellery pieces resonate with the character of your birth month. From our breathtaking December Birthstone Necklace, featuring our gorgeous Turquoise charm that holds the essence of the sea and sky, to our elegant December gemstone bracelet that echoes the peace of winter mornings, each piece is a tribute to December's serene spirit.

Wear our turquoise jewellery and celebrate its calming energy and ability to inspire communication and clarity. Let its soothing blue-green hues spark joy, enhance your spiritual attunement, and add a pop of colour to your winter wardrobe! Choose something from our December Birthstone Jewellery collection to be loved by you, or be given as a gift of winter!