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June Birthstone

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Embrace the night sky with our ethereal June Birthstone Jewellery collection. Traditionally symbolised by the lustrous pearl, June also claims the magical Moonstone as its gem. Known for its dreamy, lunar sheen, the Moonstone is a symbol of intuition, passion, and balance - the perfect gem for those born under the nurturing sign of Cancer.

Whether you pick from a June Birthstone Ring or a boho moonstone anklet, these pieces are truly one-of-a-kind with raw natural gemstones shaped the way nature intended. Handcrafted with love, each piece showcases beautiful Moonstones that seem to hold the soft light of the moon itself. Let the mystical allure of the moonstone serve as a beacon, guiding you through life's tides with its calming, transformative energy.

Our June Birthstone Jewellery is the perfect birthday gift for a friend, or as something to spoil yourself with. So, celebrate the enchanting beauty of June and let our Moonstone Birthstone pieces serve as a constant reminder of the celestial magic within you!