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October Birthstone

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Fall in love with our enchanting October Birthstone Jewellery collection! Traditionally, opal is the chosen birthstone for October, but Rose Quartz is the secondary birthstone which we love. Known as the 'Heart Stone', Rose Quartz carries energies of compassion, peace, and unconditional love.

Looking for a gift for autumn born friends and family has been made easy, our handcrafted Rose Quartz jewellery pieces are designed to resonate with the October spirit. From elegant Rose Quartz anklets to soothing simple birthstone necklaces, each piece in our collection holds a romantic allure that shows you care.

Our October Birthstone Jewellery collection goes beyond mere adornment. With every Rose Quartz piece you wear, carry the comforting energy of love and kindness with you, or give that compassion to a loved one through jewellery. Let Rose Quartz's soft pink hues soothe your soul, awaken your heart chakra, and bring a tender glow to your style. Embrace the beauty of October with our bewitching Rose Quartz collection!