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Crafting Memories: The Art Behind Custom Memory Jewellery

Crafting Memories: The Art Behind Custom Memory Jewellery

There is nothing better than gifting your loved one with a piece of jewellery, especially if that piece of jewellery is completely bespoke to them. Our personalised engraved pieces take your very own hand drawn word or image and turn it into a beautiful bespoke piece of jewellery that your loved ones can treasure forever.

We believe there is nothing more sentimental than a bespoke piece of jewellery for your partner, family member or friend to be gifted. Our Handwriting Necklace does just that. Whether you want them to be gifted with a piece expressing a meaningful symbol or a particular word that means a lot to them, we will engrave your special symbol or word to a 925 sterling silver pendant. This could be anything from a special drawing your child may have produced to a handwritten word from a late family member whose memory you want to keep close to you. Perhaps you want you or your loved one to remember a special occasion or you want a piece of unique jewellery to wear at an upcoming special event, this new addition to our collection is perfect for any sentimental memory old or new.

Once engraved with your custom design, this pendant can be placed on a choice of a curb or satellite chain which can be in the length 16, 18 or 20 inches depending on your preference. The pendant can also be placed onto a sterling silver beaded bracelet or even a ring for your loved one to admire.

Giving this irreplaceable gift cannot be easier. Simply take a photo of the symbol or word drawn on paper with a plain background or draw this on the notes application on your phone/tablet and screenshot this. Then simply upload this image ready for our team to engrave onto a pendant and create the most beautiful unique piece of jewellery. We will then carefully package this up in our signature Tomm Jewellery gift box which is sealed with a ribbon. You can even add a personalised note if you want to give a special message to your loved one.

You may wonder what is different with this new addition to the Tomm Jewellery collection compared to the recently released Hand Drawn Personalised Heart Necklace. This new piece can be made in a variety of forms to fit the desired size of the symbol or word you wish to place on the pendant. For example, if you wish to engrave a word on a pendant, the size of the pendant will be larger than if you were to engrave a single symbol such as a heart.

All Tomm Jewellery’s products are made with the highest quality materials, with this custom memory jewellery addition being no different. This means, if cared for in the right way, this custom memory jewellery can last for many years, allowing you and your loved ones to hold on to the memories captured in your brand new piece of jewellery.

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