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Mother’s Day Jewellery Gifts she won’t forget

Mother’s Day Jewellery Gifts she won’t forget

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, there is no better time than now to buy a gift she truly deserves! We have such a variety of stunning sterling silver, 9ct gold filled and gold plated pieces to choose from - there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a sentimental personalised necklace, or a bracelet containing your loved ones birthstone or even a simple pair of elegant earrings, our collection aims to embrace everyone.

At Tomm Jewellery, we are proud to provide mother’s day gifts that are perfect for every modern mother figure whether that is your mum, step mum, grandmother or any other important woman figure in your life. Below are a few of our favourite products for this Mother’s Day.

Handwriting necklace:

Our brand new handwriting necklace allows you to wear words of love from a special someone. We have launched this bespoke product in perfect time for Mother’s Day to give you the chance to give a handwritten word of love for your loved one to wear as a memento every day. Whether this word has been written by your child, friend, or late family member, this is the perfect gift to keep as a timeless memory forever. You can simply upload your chosen word to our website and our team will then carefully engrave this onto a 925 sterling silver pendant and place this onto a chain of your choice. This will then be packaged up in our signature pink Tomm Jewellery gift box for you to present to your loved one this Mother’s Day.

Personalised Bracelet For Mum:

If you are looking for a truly one of a kind piece to give to your mum this year, our Personalised Bracelet for Mum is the ultimate gift. You can place charms of your choice onto this bracelet, each with a special meaning between you and your Mum. This could be a birthstone or a pendant of something she loves. Couple this with the Mum disc and you've got the perfect present.

Personalised Ring For Mum:

To give your mum that daily reminder of your love, gift her with our stunning Personalised Ring for Mum. This ring is handmade with our classic silver beads with your choice of bead size. Placed with the beads is a stunning 925 sterling silver pendant beautifully engraved with the word ‘Mum’ is a stunning font. This ring is the perfect addition for your loved one’s everyday jewellery look. At Tomm Jewellery, we are an all inclusive brand, catering for all sizes to ensure everyone can wear their jewellery with confidence. We offer a selection of sizes for this ring to embrace everyone.

Personalised Necklace For Mum:

Lastly, our final special Mother's Day Jewellery gift is the brand new Personalised Necklace for Mum. Our Mum necklace is the perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas and Mother's Day! The word "Mum", "Mummy" or "Step-mum" will be engraved onto the necklace in a beautiful font. Pair with our other new Mum pieces for a gorgeous set.  

Our collection doesn’t stop there! We have such a wide range of perfect gifts for Mother’s Day and beyond for you to treat your loved ones this year.