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Latest Jewellery Trends To Look Out For In 2024

New Year, New You, New Jewellery!

Just as we hope 2024 will be a year of immense positive change and healing, your jewellery should mirror this sentiment. Explore the handpicked collection of our new gemstone pieces, promising to be your sparkly confidant all through the year! Our latest jewellery trends include new gemstones and new personalisation. We love it when we see you create your own personalised jewellery so this year will be full of new personalisation ideas from us to you.

New Gemstone Jewellery: Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline Meaning

Pink tourmaline is a love-infused treasure! Adorned for its connection to matters of the heart, this gem is all about love and emotional healing. It opens and balances the heart chakra, fostering compassion, self-love, and harmony.

Pink Tourmaline Ring

Wear our dreamy Pink Tourmaline Ring to take a symbol of love and emotional well-being everywhere you go! Perfect for adding a feminine touch of romance to your every day.

Shop Beaded Pink Tourmaline Ring

Pink Tourmaline Bracelet

Wrap your wrist in love with our Beaded Pink Tourmaline Bracelet. This stunning accessory is designed to channel the harmonious and healing properties of Pink Tourmaline whilst looking beautiful. Because who says jewellery can't be cute and meaningful?


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New Gemstone Jewellery: Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite Meaning

Blue Kyanite, the tranquil gem that whispers calm and balance into your life. With its enchanting qualities, it's a sparkly companion believed to amplify communication, activate the throat chakra, and bring balance to your energy flow.

Blue Kyanite Ring

Immerse yourself in the soothing energy of our Blue Kyanite Ring, elegantly crafted to complement your unique style. Available in sterling silver or 9ct gold filled, it is the perfect gift for someone you love or as a treat to bring you closer to inner peace.


Shop Beaded Kyanite Ring.

Blue Kyanite Bracelet

Achieve balance and style with our Kyanite Bracelet. Available in sterling silver or 9ct gold filled, this exquisite piece is designed to bring the calming essence of Blue Kyanite to your everyday life.

Shop Beaded Kyanite Bracelet.

Get Hyped! New Personalised Jewellery - Hand Draw Your Own!

As our Barbie collection steps aside, it will be making room for our next limited edition, personalised jewellery collection. We're making it so that you can draw your own pieces! We're super excited to share this with you, and you can see the first edition of this hand-drawn collection in our Valentine's Day offering.

We'll be brining you even more personalised jewellery collections this year as it's these pieces that bring us the most joy to make and send you and your loved ones. Stay tuned to discover our exclusive jewellery pieces to mirror the 2024 jewellery trends that will capture your heart!