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Making Your Own Jewellery With Lucy

Making Your Own Jewellery With Lucy

As the founder of TOMM Jewellery, my journey began far from the glitz and glamour of the jewellery world. Growing up as a tomboy, I, Lucy Toone, often felt disconnected from traditional standards of femininity. It was this unique perspective on beauty and self-expression that led me to discover a deep passion for jewellery making at the young age of ten.

My personal challenge in finding jewellery that truly fit me sparked a resolve to create a brand that celebrated size inclusivity and self-love. TOMM Jewellery was born out of this vision, established in West Sussex, as a beacon of female entrepreneurship and dedication to the empowerment of all women regardless of their body shape.

Our commitment at TOMM is to source only the finest, ethically obtained gemstones from around the world. We believe every woman should have access to jewellery that not only beautifies but also feels right and comfortable. We've been honoured to feature in esteemed publications like Tatler and Britain’s Elite, but our pride truly lies in the unique connections we forge with our customers. But we didn't want to leave the joy of TOMM there, we wanted our customers to explore the love of jewellery making with us.

Start making your own jewellery

Our commitment to individuality and self-expression is truly embodied in our special offering: the best-selling TOMM Jewellery Making Kits. These kits are an invitation to step into the world of jewellery creation, right from the comfort of your home.

Our jewellery making kits for adults and children alike, are not just about crafting; they are about unleashing creativity, offering a mindful and peaceful experience. They serve as the perfect gifts for birthdays and Christmas, allowing your loved ones to create something that’s uniquely theirs.

One jewellery making kit includes:

  • 3 pouches of silver-plated beads for a luxurious foundation.
  • 1 pouch of charming silver-plated charms and noodles for that unique flair.
  • 1 pouch of coloured beads of your choice, with options like pink, blue, green, or rainbow.

Make your own jewellery at home

Designed to help you create up to six bracelets, which can also be adapted into rings, these kits are a testament to TOMM’s ethos: Celebrating every individual’s story and beauty.

At TOMM Jewellery, we're not just selling jewellery or jewellery making kits; we're fostering a community where every woman can embrace her individuality and express herself freely. Our dream is to see a world where every woman loves herself for who she is, highlighting her unique personality and story with pieces she has created or chosen herself.

Join us in this beautiful journey of self-expression and empowerment. With TOMM Jewellery, it's not just about adorning your body; it’s about embracing your personal story and the beauty that lies within.

Buy your first jewellery making kit and start making your own gorgeous pieces with us. 

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