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Winter Accessories We Know You'll Love

Winter Accessories We Know You'll Love

As the cold sets in and we bundle up in our cosiest layers, it's easy to think that style must take a back seat. But winter is actually the perfect time to showcase your flair with stunning winter accessories. At TOMM Jewellery, we believe that the winter accessories can transform your winter wardrobe from ordinary to extraordinary. Let's explore our favourites for making you stand out in these colder winter months.

Perfect Pairings: Earrings and Scarves

One of the most elegant pairings for the season is drop earrings with a warm scarf. As scarves tend to cover a lot of your upper outfit, a pair of striking drop earrings can peek out beautifully, adding a touch of glamour to your bundled-up look. Opt for earrings that have a bit of length and movement to them, so they're visible and can catch the light even when you're all wrapped up.

Our Multiple Freshwater Pearl Drop Pearl Earrings are an absolute winner for this style.

Rings: A Subtle Statement with puffy coats

When you're wearing scarves, hats and heavy coats, it might seem challenging to show off your winter accessories. However, this is where rings come into play. A set of statement rings can stand out, especially when you take off your gloves indoors. Go for our charm rings for colour or or stacked rings for a noticeable impact.

Our Star Charm Beaded Ring is a firm favourite for the festive season.

Birthstone Necklaces for December and January

Celebrating a birthday in December or January? Winter accessories don't need to be meaningless. Birthstone necklaces are a beautiful and heartfelt way to accessorise.  December birthdays can showcase turquoise jewellery for a pop of colour against dark winter wear. Turquoise not only represents a December birthday but is the stone of protection and detoxification. Believed to promote mental calmness and positive energy, many love to wear turquoise to protect them from negative energy. Looking ahead to January, Garnet is for our January babies. Like with Turquoise, Garnet has a dual meaning, it is also the gemstone of commitment, garnet represents love and loyalty. We love Garnet for it's rich, deep hue that complements the winter palette perfectly. 

Shop our December Birthstone Jewellery

Shop our January Birthstone Jewellery

Pearls and Sparkles Against Winter Wardrobes

Winter wardrobes often consist of darker or more muted tones, which is why pearls and sparkly accessories are a perfect contrast. The luster of pearls brings a touch of elegance and can brighten up your collection of winter accessories. Similarly, sparkly accessories, like crystal huggie hoops or shimmering bracelets, can catch the light beautifully, standing out against darker winter colours.

Shop our Crystal Lightning Bolt Multi Chain Necklace Set

Final Thoughts

Cold weather doesn't have to mean dull and dreary, especially when it comes to your winter accessories. With these pairings and ideas, you can elevate your winter style effortlessly. Whether it's a pair of drop earrings peeping out from under a cosy scarf or a birthstone necklace adding a personalised touch, there's no shortage of ways to shine using our winter accessories. And remember, with TOMM Jewellery's commitment to inclusive sizing and ethical sourcing, you can feel good about looking great this winter.

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