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Turquoise: The Protective Birthstone For December

Turquoise: The Protective Birthstone For December

Known as the stone of health, good fortune and protection, the turquoise gemstone is the perfect peaceful birthstone for all December babies.

What is Turquoise?

Turquoise is as an opaque, blue-to-green mineral that is a hydrated phosphate of copper and aluminium, otherwise known as a gemstone. Many refer to turquoise as a purification stone as it's believed to dispel negative energy due to it's rich Persian history.

The meaning of Turquoise birthstone for December babies

The turquoise birthstone is believed to promote a variety of positivity personality traits, including happiness, honesty and spirituality. It's also said to encourage creativity, serenity and strength. For those born in December, the turquoise birthstone is one of the most beautiful birthstones to cherish for a hopeful future.

Healing properties of Turquoise

 I've always believed Turquoise to be a special gemstone, especially when it comes to its wonderful healing benefits. It's said that turquoise has a strong connection to the throat chakra, therefore helping the individual with their expression and confidence. Turquoise is also believed to help with forgiveness, love and self-sabotage, making it a positive gemstone to wear for emotion.

How to wear Turquoise for its benefits

With all gemstones, it's best to wear them on an everyday basis if you want to reap its full benefits, both physically and mentally. And lucky you, we have a few pieces that are made with the gorgeous turquoise gemstone.

Launched in Summer 2022, part of our Freedom Collection, our turquoise gemstone jewellery has proven popular to many customers. Whether you love rings, bracelets or anklets, we have six beautiful pieces to choose from.

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